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School ERP Management Software

Amplify your school With the most credible cloud based management software to administer Your School more efficiently by digitalising and automating day to day academic and administrative activities and managing student's progress through better parent-Teacher communication.

Built On Java technology, This advanced Web Based Architecture helps in flexible governance of Institution's daily tasks including financial management, Student supervision, School monitoring, discipline, academic, fees record, curriculum management, result analysis, homework directions, report cards, certificate generation, GPS tracking transport management system, admission procedure, biometric devices, visitor supervision system, and every other feature you will ever need to run your Institution efficiently from a single platform.

School Enterprise resource planning (School ERP) system empowers Institution With a secured and feasible web portal and mobile app on IOS and ANDROID platform accompanied by individual dashboards for Students, Parents, Teachers, and Staff Members to analyse various aspects of the institution faster, leading to growth in planning capabilities.

The school management software can be offered on SAAS (Softwares as a Service) model too, creating convenience for institutions as no mandatory need of investing in hardware setup like servers, software installations etc..will be required. Only A Computer with basic internet connectivity serves as a obligatory framework .

Built with excelled smart card, RFID, BAR code with extended communications capabilities including Inter E- Mail and SMS services, this dynamically confidential and authenticated system provides integrated set of modules for detailed virtual monitoring of academic, financial and administrative operations.

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Looking for the Best School Management Software?

Any school organization must balance the utility and importance of software that caters to existing and related market practices when selecting school management software. A school should bring expenditures, service quality, and operational excellence from the school management system.

Here is a quick guide on must-have features in School management Software. And is it worth investing in?

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