Photo Gallery & School Videos

Photo Gallery & School Videos

1. Media Repository

This module serves as a central repository for storing photos and videos related to school events, activities, and achievements.

2. User-Friendly Interface

Users can easily browse and search for photos and videos through a user-friendly interface, making it convenient to access visual content.

3. Categorization

Media items can be categorized by event type, date, or other criteria, allowing for organized and structured content presentation.

4. User Contributions

Users, including students, parents, and staff, can contribute their own photos and videos to the gallery, promoting community engagement.

5. Privacy Controls

The module includes privacy controls to ensure that sensitive or private media is accessible only to authorized users or specific groups.

6. Mobile Accessibility

Photos and videos can be accessed and viewed on mobile devices, providing flexibility for users to enjoy visual content on the go.

7. Media Sharing

Users can easily share media items on social media platforms, promoting the school's positive image and activities to a wider audience.